Phase 2 is constantly on-going after the startup company has been formed until the end game of Phase 4. This is where you make it or you break it. From a high level these are the main startup goals from a legal and business perspective. Some of these concerns will be global, some federal, and some of them will be state-level (Texas, Delaware, wherever).


1. Strategic business development

A lot of business development will culminate in the creation of contracts. A lot of contracts will be created between different parties: between your company and: partner companies; strategic partners; clients or customers; licensees and licensors; company personnel; and other. Contracts need to be thorough and well-drafted.

2. Minimization of legal disputes

A legal dispute can be the worst thing that happens to your company. Minimizing them needs to be one of your goals.

3. Taxes

Pay these. 

4. Protecting Intellectual Property

Protect company intellectual property. Make sure that IP created by employees belong to the company. 

5. Company Personnel Management 

Having the right personnel is crucial to the growth and development of your company. 

6. Corporate Governance

You have to keep investors, shareholders, personnel happy. Work with your team. Document what you do. 

Other Corporate Matters

There are other areas where the law comes in to play such as in marketing or abiding by consumer protection laws. These are case-by-case situations. Deal with them as necessary with your lawyer.